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From: Emma Clinton (
Date: 10 Oct 2010

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    On a related (Ellroy) note, I went to the Seattle Antiquarian Bookfair today, and while the majority of 1st ed. HC noir gems I lusted after were -- as always -- way out of my budget, I did spy a 1st HC of the new antho, BEST AMERICAN NOIR OF THE CENTURY, signed by both Penzler and Ellroy, for $30. Not a screaming deal, I suppose, but a neat signed find of I book that I'd planned to read anyhow. Mulled it over, figured I'd pick it up after I finished browsing all the booths. Came back a half-hour later, and it was gone.

    That kinda smack-in-the-face, punch-in-the-gut disappointment is awfully hardboiled.

    R.e. Hopkins: I remember liking those novels a great deal. That was back when Ellroy wrote books that I could still get into.

    Ron C.

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    > These early Ellroy books are like can't have just one. So I
    > Because The Night. Maybe this time I will finally manage to read Suicide
    Hill (the
    > only one I have never consumed) as well. I haven't read any of these for
    more than
    > twenty years, so I'd pretty much forgotten everything about the Lloyd
    > stories. BTN was OK until I encountered our old friend, the revolver with
    > combo. I'm far from a gun freak, but you would expect these guys to get
    the basic
    > facts right.
    > Got to follow that up, courtesy of Internet Archive, with the Ida Lupino
    written and
    > directed flick The Hitch- Hiker. Very good movie. In short, I had a Rara
    Avis sort of
    > day.
    > James
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