RARA-AVIS: Re: RIP Stephen J. Cannell

From: cptpipes2000 (cptpipes@hotmail.com)
Date: 02 Oct 2010

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    Even though Cannell had been discussed on this list (miker wrote a nice post on attending one of his readings), he never reached my radar until last year.

    I was traveling in Orange County for work and had a day where I didn't need to clock in until the afternoon, so I spent the morning visiting the used and mystery bookstores around my hotel.

    By chance, Cannell was giving a reading in one of the stores. At first it was awkward because the place was tiny and I was there to shop and not stand in line for an autograph. But he was so compelling to listen to as a storyteller that I couldn't help myself from buying a couple books.

    My favorite part was when he had to apologize for leaving after an hour--he was off to Santa Barbara for a similar-style event. "I've gotta sell more books."


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