RARA-AVIS: Re: request noir for sure, even if they call it horror

From: Todd Mason (foxbrick@yahoo.com)
Date: 26 Sep 2010

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    > How about you guys (and gals) nominatimg what you feel is your "favorite" for the darkest, meaneast, easily available horror/noir/thriller novel on the shelves back then (yes, you can nominate a Stephen King or Dean Koontz title), preferably where the protag torments his prey (who lives alone) several ways before the last time which leaves the prey unable to function in current or any job?

    --Pity you're asking for novels only, or else I might've suggested such reasonably close approaches as Robert Bloch's "The Animal Fair" or Theodore Sturgeon's "A Way of Thinking" or Richard Matheson's "The Distributor" or Dennis Etchison's "The Pitch"...Bloch's novel about "H.H. Holmes" (the Devil in the White City), AMERICAN GOTHIC, doesn't quite fit that, but is still fairly close...Jack Ketchum is certainly a good suggestion...

    Todd Mason

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