Re: RARA-AVIS: harlan ellison's farewell?

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Date: 24 Sep 2010

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    There were at least two entertaining anthologies of his trashy HB stuff put out by Pyramid....No Doors, No Windows and The Deadly Streets. Not very good, really, but the kind of thing that most of us like. IIRC, they were mostly written for the Men's Magazines of the 50s and maybe a couple of stories for Manhunt.

    I rather doubt the man's self -diagnosis. I am reminded of the time that God called Oral Roberts home. As a matter of fact, the morning after I have wrapped myself around a bottle of scotch I can feel pretty conscious of my own mortality. The interviewer should have asked him if he intended on delivering Last Dangerous Visions before he shuffled off. Did he ever permit the rights to revert to those contributors stil living?


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      even if harlan's writing isn't considered hb or noir, and i'm not sure it's not, the man sure is hb.

      love him or loath him, i think most will be interested in this article. one thing certainly talked about here is unfinished work (at author's death) being completed by other writers. harlan will have none of it.

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