Re: RARA-AVIS: Kerry Schooley, R.I.P.

From: Karin Montin (
Date: 22 Sep 2010

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      I found this page that mentions some of Kerry's other interests, and gives a link to him performing Joe Hill: <**>.


    On 22/09/2010 9:31 PM, Karin Montin wrote:
    > That is a shock. Kerry had been writing less frequently in the past
    > couple of years, but his posts were always thoughtful and literate --
    > and quite often deliberately provocative. I met him at the Toronto
    > Bouchercon at the same time I met Kevin and a bunch of other Rara
    > Avians. I can't count him as a friend, but I will definitely miss his
    > contributions; in fact, I had been missing them already.
    > Karin
    > On 22/09/2010 9:18 PM, Kevin Burton Smith wrote:
    >> It's not been a good month. I just heard from Peter Sellers, the Canadian crime writer and editor, that our good friend Kerry Schooley is dead, apparently of a heart attack.
    >> I'll try to find out more as soon as I can, but I'm not at home right now. And not very good company, I'm afraid.
    >> Kerry was of the brightest lights of this list, an intelligent and well-read man whose opinions carried not just weight but grace and wit and generosity of spirit -- things we're too often too of. He was also, under the pen name of John Swan, one of the best noir writers and editors in Canada, sadly under-appreciated. He actually bought my first published fiction. But more than that, he was a good friend. A very good friend.
    >> Somehow we lost touch over the last few years, and now we'll never be able to catch up. Fuck. I'm really hurting.
    >> Crank up the Otis Redding, boys. We're just lost one of the good ones.

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