RARA-AVIS: Richard Wheeler on Noir readership.

From: James Michael Rogers (jeddak5@cox.net)
Date: 17 Sep 2010

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    I got a huge kick out of this comment by western writer Richard Wheeler on his blog:

    "I don't really fathom readers of noir fiction, or grasp what makes them tick. Noir is largely absurd literature, in which characters behave in wildly irrational and destructive ways to foster a creaky and ludicrous plot. Even a child would know that such fiction is absurd, and I believe readers of noir are well aware of it. My guess is that they enjoy the schadenfreude, the pleasure derived from witnessing other people's misery, and that readers of noir are basically mean bastards, because there is nothing else in noir that attracts supposedly civilized people. Devotees of noir are a nasty bunch. "



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