RARA-AVIS: The various incarnations of The Long Goodbye

From: Eric Chambers (nqexile@yahoo.com.au)
Date: 17 Sep 2010

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          "Rick Helms"
          writerrickhelms@aol.com wrote:-= What amazes me more than anything is that the two versions of Marlowe cited by Elliot Gould (his in THE LONG GOODBYE, and Bogie's in THE BIG SLEEP) were both written by Leigh Brackett (who also wrote one of my favorite westerns of all time, RIO BRAVO/EL DORADO). Brackett took very few of the liberties in THE BIG SLEEP that she did in THE LONG GOODBYE, and I can't help wondering whether this might be due to the fact that Chandler was still around to kick her ass when THE BIG SLEEP was made, and perhaps because of the influence of cowriting the earlier film with William Faulkner. I also suspect that much of her work on THE LONG GOODBYE more strongly represented Altman's vision than her own.
    _________________________________________________ Leigh Brackett's contribution to the Altman film is a subject that  fascinates me also. I suspect ( without any proof) that the script she submitted and the finished film don't have much resemblance to each other. As you pointed out, the Altman film is a serious departure from Brackett's usual style. Was she assigned by the studio and not by Altman perhaps?  I wonder if the script exist anywhere in a accessible form?


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