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Date: 03 Sep 2010

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    I haven't read a great deal of Doolittle's stuff, but I have read CLEANUP and SAFER, and enjoyed them both...and I keep meaning to pick up RAIN DOGS, about which I've heard some good things.

    Ron C.

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    > After several recommendations from folks on this list (thanks!), I chose
    > CLEANUP for my book group and we had our confab last night. It generated
    one of
    > our better discussions, because though we all loved it, we did have some
    > about how we might have done something differently here or there, none of
    > is all that important, it's what book groups do. I just want to recommend
    this book
    > as highly as I can. I know that, since Sean is from Omaha, he gets
    pigeon-holed as
    > the laconic Midwesterner, and he can be incredibly deadpan. But the prose
    in this
    > book is so deceptively simple and straightforward it's almost like
    watching someone
    > cut glass. His focus is so precise and careful. He removes himself so
    > so that his characters and the story can step forward. And the characters
    are just
    > beautifully imagined and deftly drawn (with one exception, we thought, but
    not to
    > any degree that ruined our love of the book). And it's funny. As in very.
    But not to
    > where he plays anything strictly for laughs. Again, the humor just arises
    > from the story and characters, you buy in completely. A really fun and
    > read.
    > Seriously, if you haven't checked Sean Doolittle out yet, I'd say give
    this a shot.
    > David Corbett
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