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From: trentrey (trent@violentworldofparker.com)
Date: 02 Sep 2010

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    > It's a lousy movie, but I don't see much of the slasher element in it.

    There was an unseen killer, even masked I think, who knocked people off in unusual ways. It was more like an Italian Giallo film than what we think of as a slasher film, but I think that's because the slasher conventions hadn't hardened to the extent that they later would (it was only 1983) and many were still showing the Italian influence. A real film person might offer more insight here, provided I'm not on crack.

    I could probably build a stronger case if I were willing to watch the movie again, but that's asking too much even of a guy who spends endless hours writing a website about Parker. :)

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