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Date: 02 Sep 2010

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      So the stipulation should be, you can't sell rights to a movie that will use the same characters as our movie, not, you can't write a book with the same characters again.


    On 02/09/2010 12:30 PM, Allan Guthrie wrote:
    > It's screen character rights. If you write a book, nobody else can use your
    > characters. If a studio makes a film, they don't want another studio to use
    > their characters. If you write a series, you can see where there might be
    > issues in giving different books to different studios.
    > Al
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    >> Does anybody know then this exploitative notion of "right to characters"
    >> started in the film industry? It's atrocious for writers that somebody
    >> would have a right to something they haven't even written (future
    >> installments in a series, for example). Or am I reading this wrong? It
    >> seems that there is almost a boilerplate expectation on the part of those
    >> buying film rights, which makes me wonder how it started and why it has
    >> been accepted.
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    >> mrt

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