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From: hardcasecrime (editor@hardcasecrime.com)
Date: 01 Sep 2010

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    Hey, Trent. You could just have e-mailed me the question...but I suppose posting it here is fine as well. (The Hunt books aren't crime novels, but they're not radically off-topic, I suppose.)

    The short answer is that I currently expect Dorchester to publish the ebook edition of the sixth Hunt book -- HUNT THROUGH NAPOLEON'S WEB -- either on schedule or close to it, but as they've announced their exit from the mass market paperback publishing business, we should not expect a printed edition at the same time. They've talked about launching a line of trade paperbacks in 2011, so it's possible that a trade pb edition might come out sometime next year, but initially it'll be available only as an ebook.

    As for the future beyond that, we never had any very concrete plans to do more books after #6 -- it was a six-book deal, with any more being entirely dependent on how the first six did. Given Dorchester's current situation, I wouldn't bet on them doing more; at some point, if the first six go out of print, we might regain the rights and be able to sell the series to another house, but in the meantime, it'll just be the six.


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    > I know I'm a bit off-topic here, but I didn't know where else to go to
    ask. I thought I was signed up for the Gabriel Hunt newsletter, but apparently I wasn't.
    > With Dorchester quitting mass-market paperbacks, what is the future of
    the sixth Gabriel Hunt adventure, Hunt Through Napolean's Web, originally scheduled for October? And has anything been announced about the future of the series beyond that?
    > Thank you for your indulgence.
    > --Trent
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