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From: davezeltserman (Dave.Zeltserman@gmail.com)
Date: 31 Aug 2010

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    When I signed a film deal for Outsourced it ended up causing me problems that I had several characters in Outsourced who also appeared in Bad Thoughts and Bad Karma. Fortunately the book hadn't been published yet so I could change the character names, otherwise it would've been a mess. And my film agent read me the riot act about using the same characters between books.

    I always enjoyed it when I was reading a Jim Thompson novel and characters from other books would show, but you just can't do it if you expect to sell film rights.


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    > Yes, what you're suggesting is exactly what Westlake did. To reinforce his
    > position, he wouldn't allow the name Parker to be used on screen.
    > According to the link below (I can't verify the accuracy of the
    > information), the studios repeatedly bought the Philo Vance character rights
    > from one another to the point where they were 'inextricably tangled'. And
    > the first three William Powell Vance movies have been in a kind of legal
    > limbo for decades.
    > http://www.radioarchives.com/Philo_Vance_Volume_2_p/ra164.htm
    > Al
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    > >I suppose it depends upon the specific details of the deal. Surely the
    > >writer could allow himself or herself the out of restricting it to an
    > >adaptation of a specific book. Did not S.S. Van Dine have The Bishop Murder
    > >Case with Basil Rathbonde made by a completely different studio than then
    > >one that made the William Powell Philo Vance films?

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