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Date: 23 Aug 2010

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    Joy, did you know that John Rector and Sean Doolittle are very good friends or did you pluck that comparison out of thin air?


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    > I loved it, too. I was thinking of my best comparison to John Rector's
    > The Cold Kiss and came up with Cleanup because of that protagonist's
    > "Well, now what do I do?" as he gets in deeper and deeper while meaning
    > well. There's something about the tone of the two books.
    > Joy, now thinking of starting Patison's Bone Rattler
    > On 8/23/2010 10:23 AM, David Corbett wrote:
    >> I'm reading Sean Doolittle's THE CLEANUP right now and I couldn't tell
    >> you what Worth looks like in detail, but even with Sean's meticulously
    >> bone-dry prose he's perfectly clear in my mind's eye because of what he
    >> does, says, and thinks. (I'm loving this book, btw.)

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