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Date: 23 Aug 2010

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    Glad you enjoyed it, Brian, and thanks for tooting my horn. Just to avoid any confusion, the original short was published in an anthology of stories written from the point of view of victims of crime (Shattered: Every Crime Has A Victim). This new one is a considerably longer take on the same story and was commissioned by Barrington Stoke for their 'Most Wanted' series of novellas for reluctant adult readers. It won't be available in hard copy until 2013, though.


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    > full post I mean to send)
    > Dear Fellow Rare Birds-
    > Since our man Al isn't one to toot his own horn, allow me to do that for
    > him. I recently purchased his short story "Bye Bye Baby" and really
    > enjoyed
    > it.
    > Whether you're interested in sampling Al's work or are a seasoned veteran
    > of
    > such campaigns as KISS HER GOOD-BYE and HARD MAN, it's well worth a look.
    > Kindle version:
    > And various other electronic formats from Smashwords:
    > Thanks Al, great read!
    > All the Best-
    > Brian

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