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Date: 21 Aug 2010

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    > I agree that Michael Winner's London take on 'The Big Sleep' was execrable, but
    > 'Farewell My Lovely' was probably the most faithful rendition of a Chandler
    > novel ever committed to celluloid, even though by the time he finally got to
    > play Marlowe Mitchum was way too old.  But Dick Powell as Marlowe?  In
    > preference to Bogart, say?  Dick Powell to my mind was about as good at playing
    > Marlowe as Roger Moore was at playing James Bond, although it could've been
    > worse I suppose: they could've chosen Fred Astaire.

    I agree about _Farewell my lovely_, excellent film. Agreed also on Dick Powell, an actor I have never warmed up to. A real pro, to be sure, but lacking charisma, in my opinion. The young Mitchum, on the other hand, would probably have been terrific as Marlowe.



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