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Date: 21 Aug 2010

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    They're showing 'The Drowning Pool' on a UK television station next week.  I saw it on its first release but can't recall much about it now -- not a good sign, usually.
    'Harper' was released here as 'The Moving Target' which I believe was the title of the Ross MacDonald Lew Archer novel upon which it was based.  I never could understand the reasoning behind the name change for movie purposes, but no doubt those clever all-knowing marketing guys had their reasons. I think originally the makers had intended adapting Chandler's 'The Long Goodbye' with Robert Mitchum as Marlowe but failed to get the green light on the project, so they made 'The Moving Target' instead with Paul Newman not resembling Lew Archer any more than Elliott Gould did Marlowe in Robert Altman's art movie subversion of Chandler's themes.


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    It will be my first time seeing it.  I did enjoy Twilight.


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