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Date: 19 Aug 2010

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    > Not sure noir is limited to men as dicks, but I'm with you on the Camus
    > connection. Sisyphus is the Flitcraft Parable (do I have that right? not
    > gonna look that up right now as it's near dinner in my time zone) writ large
    > so's academics get it. Sure the Greeks wrote Sisyphus before Hammett wrote
    > about the bird before Camus wrote his essay, but time's as relative as the
    > rest of us, brother.

    I don't see noir related to one of the two sexes, particularly. One could say that we men are more stupid than women, or perhaps more grandiosely stupid, but a noir story with a woman as protagonist is just as noir. And women are just as capable of getting sexually obsessed with guys as guys with women. Noir isn't always sexually driven, though. Poor Josef K just wants to find out what the hell is going on at the Castle. He's a tenacious little guy, driven by who knows what...



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