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Date: 19 Aug 2010

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    Not to be argumentative, but does that mean any book that features a female protagonist cannot be considered noir?

    What about Vicki Hendricks' work? What about Megan Abbot's work? Like Christa Faust's MONEY SHOT, most (all?) of the books from these authors (and others, I suspect) feature female protagonists. Does that exclude them from a noir classification?

    Ron C.

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    > Methinks, a noir protagonist thinks with his willie, or rather lets his
    > willie think for him, and that dooms him.
    > Our society celebrates - DEMANDS -- male self-control.
    > And noir is a morality tale about men who can't control themselves.
    > A man enters the Universe of Noir when he lets his willie do his thinking
    > for him.

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