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Date: 19 Aug 2010

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    > Excuse me if I'm contributing to this topic after the parade has passed, I've been outside reliable Internet range. I've had a chance now to catch up, read all the postings now, as well as Otto's piece (Otto the relentless conservative writing for the Huffington Post -- now THAT is noir).
      Hey David,
      I'm thinking of the story CONSIDER IT LIT, which appeared at Thrilling Detective and now in my collection, SHOT TO DEATH.
      The main character is a PI who's physically, emotionally, and mentally spent. He's on a surveillance job waiting to see if a back injury claim is fraudulent.
      While sitting in his car, he's fielding phone calls from his boss and his father, both of whom are abusive. He's also sipping from a bottle and is half lit.
      Finally, he passes a point of endurance, and decides to force the issue by flushing out the faker. He sets the house on fire.
      The story ends on a note of doom: the PI listens to the paralyzed man screaming as he's roasted alive.
      I'm sure it's not a romantic comedy, but wonder how you would describe the character and the story from that thumbnail sketch using the definitions you developed.
      Stephen http://www.StephenDRogers.com

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