RARA-AVIS: Re: Moratorium on serial murderer mysteries?

From: cptpipes2000 (cptpipes@hotmail.com)
Date: 17 Aug 2010

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    Mario wrote:
    > I am getting fed up with this formula. Something bad happened to somebody, as a consequence of which he is screwed up and becomes a serial murderer... the formula is looking tired to me.
    > Any opinions?

    Isn't this a long-running sentiment that comes up every year or so on this list? I loved Crimson Joy when I read it in high school (truth be told, I was terrified by it), but it was the first and last time I read the alternating italics chapter from the POV of the serial killer instead of just skipping ahead to the next chapter about the detective.

    That said, long after I'd dismissed serial murderers as beneath my erudite tastes, I read and enjoyed works from so many of my favorite writers that included this. The murderer's row of Block, Bruen, and Connelly can all count such books among there more recent works and I liked them all (even as I skipped those damn italics chapters).


    p.s. I recently read Pop. 1280 and am in awe of it. Another recent re-read was Jon Clinch's Finn, which for me was about as hard-boiled as a book can get.

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