Re: RARA-AVIS: Moratorium on serial murderer mysteries?

From: Pat Brown (
Date: 16 Aug 2010

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    I tend to agree. Just how many twisted minds can we write or read about? They're abused as children, so they become abusers. I cut back on watching Criminal Minds because they have to keep upping how horrific nature of the crimes their killers commit. It gets tedious after a while. The first L.A. book I wrote had a serial killer, but that was the last one.

    These days you would have to write an outstanding serial killer book to make me want to read it. I especially detest the ones that get deep into the mind of the killer. Because, again, they have to be overboard to make them stand out.

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    > I am getting fed up with this formula. Something bad happened to somebody,
    > as a consequence of which he is screwed up and becomes a serial murderer...
    > the formula is looking tired to me.
    > Any opinions?

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