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Date: 15 Aug 2010

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    Yes, I'm inclined to agree with you. I can well imagine the first fellows who wrote for the original pulps back in the 1900's got asked, "Why aren't you publishing real stuff?" Even guys like Sax Rohmer started with slicks. Getting paid was always tough....They said you had to just about beg Hugo Gernsback ("Hugo The Rat" according to Lovecraft) and Farnsworth Wright to cut a check at a quarter-cent a word. But I think there may be a great opportunity here for some people.


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      He's giving good advice. There will always be an element of luck in publishing a book, which ones will become sensations and which ones will not be heard of again. The "dense forest" effect already exists, except that we don't see that there is a forest. I support this egalitarian method, though getting people to pay for things is becoming harder and harder. The magical thinking that one can (or worse, that one should) get something for nothing is hard to reverse.




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