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Date: 11 Aug 2010

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    I stress again:

    Argument was generational differences.

    Now...back to Noir, please.


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    > Guys, I'm not arguing that case. Of course Amazon and Apple won't be around in

    > 200 years time... neither will Ford and General Motors - but the car (or that
    > time's equivalent... the jet pad???) will be.

    Why do you say that? That is precisely one of the main things that got us into trouble in the first place -- a hypertrophy of the scale beyond human means thanks to cheap oil. Now tell me, how long has cheap oil existed? Not very long. How soon will it be gone? Very soon. I am speaking in historical terms. Compared to the entire civilization built around cheap oil, the book is a modest but valuable object, fairly easily reproducible in small quantities.

    > I'm not disagreeing with either of you - I'm merely stating my point was about

    > generational and them - books vs "an electronic device"...not

    > which version of delivery would kill more baby seals.

    Your point is taken. It wasn't clear to me in your previous message. However, what people prefer now or might prefer in the future is tied to... what's possible. It doesn't look like any modification along the lines of what we have now, i.e., industrial civilization, is likely at all.





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