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Date: 10 Aug 2010

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    Have you ever worked in a print and bindery shop? A warehouse for books, or driven a 16 wheeler full of them cross country?


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    > *We* may not understand it - but the kids do. The kindle, iPad iBooks whatever
    > IS the way of the future. Hell, even I prefer looking at PDFs on my iPad now
    > (but not books...) my kids would read everything on screen however.
    > And, Dave, I too am baffled that you continue to buy cds. :)

      The future? Do you have any idea of the amount of energy that it takes to run the Internet, for example? And a view of the future that assumes that Amazon and Barnes and Noble are forever seems suspicious to me... as does a view that assumes that the question of digital preservation is easy. It is anything but easy, in fact, it's a nightmare. By contrast, keeping a book in a shelf is very easy, and it will normally keep for a long time.




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