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Date: 07 Aug 2010

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    But he'll have to buy a new Nook, won't he, Al? And if he can back up his books on his PC, what's to stop him from backing up all of his books on all of his friends' PCs? Problems, problems.
         I'm not in the market for e-readers anytime in the foreseeable future. I have way too many real books waiting to be read, including one of Al's I just bought.

    Joy, late adopter, now reading Mourning

    On 8/7/2010 12:32 PM, Allan Guthrie wrote:
    > As far as I know, his library is stored on Barnes& Noble's server,
    > permanently available for him to download again any time he likes. He can
    > also back-up the books to his PC.
    > Al
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    >> I was just reading elsewhere of someone reading in the bathtub who
    >> dropped his Nook and has thus lost his library. I am certain I'd
    >> misplace an e-reader just the way I now misplace a book every now and
    >> then, if not drown it in bathwater, and that's one of my eleven or so
    >> reasons for lack of interest in an electronic reading device.
    >> Joy, just finished reading the wonderful Stalin's Ghost

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