Re: RARA-AVIS: Dorchester moves from mass paperback to ebook/POD

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Date: 07 Aug 2010

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    > Charles is probably the best one to answer whether HCC
    > have any bookclub deals. OR what this means to HCC since
    > Charles acts as a book packager for HCC, and could conceivably
    > take it elsewhere or set up his own ebook publishing.

    Dorchester does run a Hard Case Crime Book Club, and I'm hopeful it will continue to exist in some form, even if we stop publishing Hard Case Crime books with Dorchester. (No reason the book club couldn't feature books from publishers other than Dorchester -- most book clubs feature work from multiple publishers.)

    As for what this all means to HCC, you're right, I can take the line elsewhere, and that's what I'm planning to do. Nothing against Dorchester's decision, which may well be the right one for them -- but if they're no longer going to be publishing and distributing paperbacks, they're not the the right folks for us to work with. (And even if they will be, but only to a limited extent and only print-on-demand after an ebook edition has been successful, that also wouldn't be right for us.)

    No interest in turning Hard Case Crime into an ebook publisher. That would defeat the purpose of Hard Case Crime, which is to celebrate a particular physical artifact I love.


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