Re: RARA-AVIS: John D vs. McBain

From: Patrick King (
Date: 25 Jul 2010

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    Patrick King asks:
    >>Could you site a couple of "for instances" where John D. tops McBain? I'm pretty sure I've never read any of them.<<

    "A Key to the Suite" and "The Executioners" I believe are far and above any of the Ed McBain stuff. But if someone said to me, you can have all of the John D. MacDonald or all of the Ed McBain, I' go for the McBain.

    Jack Bludis


    As I said to the other guy who brought these titles up, I'll try 'em. In McBain/Hunter, if a character feels sorry for himself it's plot motivation. If I have to listen to JMD go on about "poor old McGee" in one of these, however, I'm going to put the book down and go to sleep.

    Thanks for the suggestions, Jack.

    Patrick King






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