RARA-AVIS: Re: Another noir definition

From: Eric Chambers (nqexile@yahoo.com.au)
Date: 25 Jul 2010

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          "Dick Lochte"
          dlochte@gmail.com  wrote:-

    in today's NY Times. Dave Kehr, for my money the paper's best movie

    critic, examines new noir movie DVD collections and provides the following

    requirements of classic film noir: "a pervasive sense of urban menace and

    malign fate, conveyed by a Germanic visual style full of threatening shadows

    and forced perspectives; a fall-guy hero wrenched out of a comfortable

    existence by an arbitrary twist of fate or a moment of moral weakness; a

    femme fatale who leads the hero on with her sexuality but ultimately only

    wants to use him and toss him away; a downbeat ending that finds the

    protagonist defeated or dead - or, preferably, both."
     Wot he said.

    But without so many big words. And it needs added to it the word, 'Obsessed' and the phrase, 'The light at the end of the tunnel is always the headlight of an on-coming train.'    



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