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Date: 24 Jul 2010

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    Kinko's was on the losing end of a large copyright suit, so they are a bit jumpy. Book covers are amenable to copyright by the way, as are any other forms of expression. Titles cannot be copyrighted, but cover art definitely can be and is.


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    > Book covers? Book covers are _not_ copyrightable. Period.

      The artist(s) who painted the cover(s) might differ on that point. Or not.

    > Even if a book cover has a logo on it, you can argue fair use, if you are
    > an entire cover of which the logo is simply a part.

      You can argue all you want, I'm afraid, but Kinko's won't do it...not the
      ones I've been to, anyhow. Those clerks making $10/hour aren't any more
      versed in the law than most of us, and if corporate policy says they don't
      it, they don't it.

      Ron C.


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