Re: RARA-AVIS: McBain / John D. MacDonald and Ross MacDonald. Also a question for Jim Doherty.

From: Todd Mason (
Date: 23 Jul 2010

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    > John, however, could sometimes sort of write beyond himself.....When he's on he's untouchable. I think his best books top McBain, which is saying something.
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    > Could you site a couple of "for instances" where John D. tops McBain? I'm pretty sure I've never read any of them.

    Conversely, I've never read a Lombino/Hunter/McBain/Marsten/et al. that rang fully true to me, not a problem JDM faced at his weakest. Even the goofiest self-justifications in the McGees had more verisimilitude.

    Todd Mason

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