From: New Pulp Press (bassoffj@gmail.com)
Date: 23 Jul 2010

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    Thought I'd let you know that there is a new release from New Pulp Press now available: Pete Risley's gothic crime novel RABID CHILD. We're pushing the envelope a bit with this one (perhaps hoping to get mentioned on some right-wing blog for a little extra press). It's actually a hell of read if you can stomach the abundance of grotesque and despicable characters. Here's a blurb from another talented writer, Paul Di Filippo, which sums it up nicely: "RABID CHILD reads like the unholy offspring of Brian Evenson and Erskine Caldwell, of Thom Metzger and Jim Thompson, of Tim Burton and William Lindsay Gresham. It's Carnival of Souls re-filmed for the twenty-first century, possessing an air of creepy menace and swampedelic grimness that is simultaneously hip and eternal, off-putting and seductive, melancholy and hilarious."

    Anyway, if you have any interest, or want to read a sample, check it out at http://www.newpulppress.com/titles/rabid_child/

    Also looking forward to releasing an outstanding book of short stories from our own Dave Zeltserman, as well as another reissue from Gil Brewer (THE RED SCARF).

    Hope your weekend is filled with madness and mayhem.

    Best, Jon Bassoff New Pulp Press

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