RARA-AVIS: paperbacks to poster

From: Frederick Zackel (fzackel@wcnet.org)
Date: 22 Jul 2010

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    Roy writes, "Wait a minute.....You can blow up paperback covers to poster size? And they actually look good? Where is this done? Kinkos?"

    Yep. Although I had mine done through the University's photo services. Any good photo store can do it, too. Check around for prices.

    I have a Maltese Falcon "serviceman's copy" from the early 1940s (originally sold for 25 cents!) that's next on my agenda. (Gotta get up off my butt.) And I just got a Woman's Face morphing into a Grinning Skull cover for The Big Sleep at Aunt Agatha's in Ann Arbor. It was a tear-sheet of the cover. Don't know what year that was published.

    They come out looking great. Thumbtacks in each corner -- brightens up the room.

    Good luck & best wishes.

    Fred Zackel

    (who now has several writings available on Kindle and other e-readers.)

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