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From: jacquesdebierue (jacquesdebierue@yahoo.com)
Date: 16 Jul 2010

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    > Well, once upon a time, under founder Bill Denton's leadership, when there was an actual moderator, there was a definite prohibition against it. Bill would cut us a little slack, if it was a film or TV show adaptation of a published novel or short story, but once the eggheads and fanboys started salivating and squabbling and nitpicking over Fellini or Magnum P.I., he'd step in and pull the plug.
    > You were on the list at the time -- I'm surprised you don't remember.

    That was a loooong time ago. There have been discussions of films and TV series for years, nobody got hurt by it, and, let's say, the subject matter was naturally extented to cover hardboiled and noir film as well. It's natural to do so.

    > As I recall, the list seemed to have a much tighter focus back then, and the discussions were a little sharper, with far fewer pretentious lectures on literature from people who, I suspect, had only seen the movie or googled some Amazon review. People back then seemed more likely to have read the books.
    > Hmmm... I seem to be rapidly approaching old crank status. Next I'll be ranting about cellphones and Twitter...

    Careful, you might be there already! Nostalgia is a stealthy killer.

    We have a great list and whatever people want to discuss within the subject matter, they discuss. There is nothing mystical about anything, including this list. It's a board where people write things and other people write things back, with few limitations.

    Personally, i am very interested in people who are writing and publishing today, and am always glad to hear about new and newish writers. And the old stuff is always new to somebody, so it does crop up frequently.

    So cheer up, life is beautiful!



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