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From: Mark Sullivan (
Date: 14 Jul 2010

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    As one of those who sings O'Connell's praises here, let me just tell you that Box Nine is by far the most orthodox crime novel of the series set in Quinsigamond. Each one gets further and further away from being a straight crime novel, not to say this first one really was. I need to pick up Box Nine and read the series from the beginning again.


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    > Finally got round to reading this one - I have had his books in the house
    > for way over 10 years without ever getting round to them. Why have I waited
    > so long? Shame on me! It lived up to all the positive reviews and comments
    > here. I was reminded of William Gibson more than any other author, for
    > example Virtual Light. Lots of positives - he writes very well and creates
    > scenes which are constantly fresh and surprising and at times subverts the
    > reader's expectations. A Good array of well drawn quirky characters
    > particulary the central two. Vivid descriptions. Great setting. My only
    > criticism was that there were too many balls in the air for the length of
    > the book and it didn't really come to a completely satisfactory conclusion
    > over the last 50 pages or so but that is nit picking really.
    > Can't wait to read the next one.
    > Raymond
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