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Date: 13 Jul 2010

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    An interesting novel, wich takes place in Detroit in 1943, and has the automotive  industry as constant background, from the introduction of Blacks as workers in the factories to the riots that followed in that town : THE DEVIL’S OWN RAGDOLL by Mitchell Bartoy (2005).

    There’s a police investigation about a murdered white young woman  in the black part of the city, as main story , with a rather hard-boiled inpector as central character.


    By the same author, I think there’s a second novel, also set in Detroit, with the same main character, but I did not read this one.


    Hoping this will help ( ?)


    E. Borgers

    Polar Noir

     Harry Joseph Lerner <>

    Inspired to post by all of the reaction to the original "Where have you gone Rara-Avis?" query, I ask the following question in the hopes of generating a new thread. So, here it comes straight out of left field... can anyone recommend any hard-boiled and/or noir that relates to or is set in the automotive world?  Perhaps dealing with the automotive industry, past or present?  Or, that revolves around a particular make, model or manufacturer (again past or present)?  That involves a serious car guy?

    Along with being an afficianado of the noir and hard-boiled genres I am also a huge car guy and a student of automotive history (I have even published a few articles on the subject.)  So, any recommendations that may lead to works that are effective 'hybrids' of these two interests of mine would be greatly appreciated.

    Best, Harry
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    a buddy of mine finally wore me down and got me to reading Charles Bukowski and John Fante, both of whom I had resisted for a long long time and neither of whom have much of anything to do with this list. so I have been more immersed in that and haven't been posting.

    but I did recently read George V. Higgins first two books, "Eddie Coyle" and "Digger's Game" and I liked them both. I almost like "Digger" better than "Coyle" which is probably an unpopular opinion but so what. I loved Digger's ambiguous ending. I found the 'all dialog, all the time' style kind of exhausting but they were good reads. kind of like more gangland versions of Richard Price, in the way violence flows directly from character. what can you do with a guy like the Greek? I plan to read "Cogan's trade" when I find it, and then I think I'll be sorta done with Higgins for a while.

    and I picked up the first three Factory novels by Derek Raymond, ballantine trade pb copies from the 80s. so I'll be tackling those sometime soon.

    Tom Armstrong

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    > Can anyone explain the slow and now nearly rapid decline of Rara-Avis. It can't just be blamed on the summer, can it?
    > Maybe we need a good old, what is noir what is hardboiled conflict to liven things up.
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