Re: RARA-AVIS: Where have you gone Rara-Avis

From: Roy (
Date: 11 Jul 2010

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    Like James, I'm a lurker. I've been lurking on this site for a decade or so and very rarely post. I read lots of genres (in fact James, I recently read one of your Trailsman books and enjoyed it)but my favortite genre has always been hardboiled fiction and this is the absolute best site to learn about it. I have discovered many wonderful authors through this site, including Pelecanos, Dan Marlowe, Ken Bruen, Jason Starr and others. Since things are slow, I thought I'd bring up a couple of things I've been pondering:

    My favorite hard-boiled series of all time are the Harper and lles series by British author Bill James. Technically it's a police procedural series but it reads more like a British version of the Sopranos. James blows me away with this series. There is truly nothing else like it. It is hard-boiled through and through and I've always been puzzled that it doesn't get mentioned more on this board. Does anybody else share my love for this series?

    THe other thing I wanted to ask. I have picked up several of the Jack Reacher books at various library sales recently. I have yet to read one. People keep recommending him to me. The recommendations from people on this site, however, would carry considerably more weight with me. Is this series worth starting with? Does it matter which order you read it in?

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