RARA-AVIS: Crime clearinghouse website query

From: davidcorbett622 (davidcorbettauthor@gmail.com)
Date: 11 Jul 2010

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    Gentle Readers:

    I was talking to Joe Loya today, a former bank robber (and son of a philosophy professor) who did eight years in prison then wrote a kickass memoir, The Man Who Outgrew his Prison Cell (highly recommended), and he asked me if I knew of any website(s) out there that served as a kind of clearinghouse or central outpost, what have you, for all things crime -- non-fiction, fiction, current events crime-wise, historical crime (La Cosa Nostra, Westies, Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd) etc.

    My answer, briefly, was: No. Don't think so.

    I told him the smartest web sites/groups I knew about crime were this one, and the blogs of Declan Burke, Adrian McKinty and Sarah Weinman, but there was nothing like what he described.

    But then, I'm an ignorant putz on such matters, so I thought I would put this question out to the group, since the collective mind, especially in this instance, is far wiser than the singular.

    Any good comprehensive websites out there on all things crime?

    Thanks! David


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