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Date: 01 Jul 2010

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    Richard Wright's THE OUTSIDER

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    > From the librarian-heavy Fiction-L:
    > A patron came in yesterday with this plotline, but no memory of Title or
    > Author. This is how she described it: An old book, read in teens (almost
    > 30 yrs ago) about a man unhappy with his life, (his girlfriend, a menial
    > job?) An opportunity to start a new life as someone else occurs when he is
    > involved in a subway or train crash (I think the setting was a city, like
    > Philadelphia in 50's or 60's) and changes clothes and identity with a
    > deceased accident victim. He is successful in changing his identity until
    > he runs into people who knew him from the past and he ends up killing one
    > person after another to protect his identity. I don't remember the ending-
    > hence the reason I'd like to read this book again. I think it may have
    > been an African American author. I have tried literary resources such as
    > Novellist and also Google to try to figure it out to no avail.
    > --Thanks on behalf of a potentially happified library patron
    > Todd Mason

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