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Date: 19 Jun 2010

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    Thanks. I considered mentioning Brown's Requiem but it seemed cruel.


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      Is anyone really surprised?

      Here is James Ellroy from the New Author Introduction to the 1995 Arrow edition of Brown's Requiem.

      "Brown's Requiem is heavily beholden to Raymond Chandler - an icon I've come to dislike quite a bit. Big Ray was a true original who created a truly original style that lazy-assed writers have been imitating with some success for many years. I owe Ray a two-fold debt: he got me going, and he showed me that imitating him was a dead-end street on GenreHack Boulevard."

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    > Was anyone else here rendered less than gruntled by Ellroy's review of "Spade and Archer" during which he gratuitously seizes, or creates, an opportunity to take a sideswipe at Chandler? Chandler, apparently, is a 'florid gasbag' who is 'easy to imitate'.


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