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Date: 17 Jun 2010

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    > (Foley also did a great job with . . . GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS,

    Ahh, one of my favorite films of all time.

    Ron C.

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    > I finally got around to reading this piece, which appeared two weeks ago
    in the
    > Times. I'd be interested in the list's take. I was frankly a little
    rankled by its premise:
    > Only European directors know how to film Thompson, supposedly (according
    > Tavernier) because they see him as a literary artist, and don't play up
    the pulp at
    > the expense of the "metaphysical elements" which Americans "always leave
    > Admittedly, the American versions cited in the piece fall short, but the
    > (Charles McGrath) completely ignores James Foley's AFTER DARK, MY SWEET.
    > Weird omission. I thought it was a great film, a worthy adaptation of
    Thompson with
    > deft handling of the "metaphysics" -- whatever the hell that's supposed to
    mean in
    > this context; I take it to mean the psychological and moral subtlety and
    complexity -
    > - but it was overshadowed by THE GRIFTERS, which came out at the same
    > In fact, I almost wonder if McGrath ignored AFTER DARK MY SWEET precisely
    > handicap the Europeans-Do-Jim-Better canard.
    > (Foley also did a great job with AT CLOSE RANGE and GLENGARRY GLEN
    > ROSS, then apparently had personal problems and made a only few films
    > that. I've seen FEAR and THE CORRUPTORS, both with Mark Wahlberg, liked
    > both, but neither were as impressive as the earlier stuff.)
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