RARA-AVIS: collection - what to do?

From: forgprod (frogprod@rcn.com)
Date: 15 Jun 2010

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    I never set out to be a collector of hard-boiled and noir books. I'm just a fan, like many on this list. But after 30-plus years I have accumulated a tremendous number of books of this genre.

    Most are not "collectable" - that is, they are not rare or very old. Most were bought new (or used) and now sit in piles in my upstairs office, or in boxes in various closets.

    I buy pretty much anything I see called "noir" or "hard-boiled" - I've got most of the classic Chandler, Hammet, Cain, Mc Donald, Mac Donald, etc as well as everything by Block, Burke, Crumley, Leonard. Some Woodrell, Willeford, Williams. A lot of "one offs", bios, non-fiction, etc etc. I've got hundreds, perhaps thousands of titles - all in good, or better, condition.

    I don't want to get rid of these. In fact, I don't know if i can bear to. But circumstances are requiring me to move to a much smaller residence. If I can keep them, I will.

    BUT - if I am forced to get rid of them, I am asking you people, who know far more about collecting and buying and selling than I do, what is my best course of action - sell individual titles on Amazon or the like (sounds like a lot of work)? ... Sell batches to used bookstores?... sell some (or the whole lot) to REAL collectors? - and how do I go about finding them?

    any suggestions or ideas are welcomed

    and any individual inquiries can be sent to me offlist

    thank you for your help!


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