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Date: 10 Jun 2010

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    it's next up for me. i'm reading duane swierczy's 'expiration date' now.

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    I finished KILLER last night, and found it to be another fantastic book by Dave.  It even added -- to a slight degree -- elements from another niche genre that I love, hitman novels.  Obviously, that wasn't the focus, per se, but that contextual element added to the other main components of the book
    (the noirish, faltering quest for redemption, lone man struggling against odd and the weight of society, etc.) made for a terrific package.

    I think I'd still say PARIAH is my favorite of the man-out-of-prison trilogy, however.  It was a close call, to say the least, and there are elements of KILLER that I think do transcend PARIAH, but overall I think PARIAH still stands as my favorite.  But, in the end, PARIAH and KILLER are both terrific works...that I preferred one fractionally more than the other is like saying I like Rocky Road fudge more than walnut fudge...the degree of preference is so small it's really not worth mentioning. ;-)

    I enthusiastically recommend this book -- especially to folks on this list. Books this good and finely-tuned to our particular preferences are tough to a killer's stiletto blade to the heart (a lil' in-reference for those who have read the book), this one hits the target dead-on.

    Ron C.


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