Re: RARA-AVIS: Gil Brewer - new pseudonyms

From: Darren Heil (
Date: 29 May 2010

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    --- On Sat, 5/29/10, David Rachels <> wrote: Excellent info!  If the opening lines are consistent from reprint to reprint, could you post those?

    Thanks, David

    Sure, they are:
      Ladies In Heat: "Let's go to bed," Lorna Hunter said, her red lips pouting in that tricky way he had painted so many times. "Booth, I can't stand it. Do it to me."
      Booth Landers, bright new artist on the commercial scene, was jarred over his beautiful model's sudden admission. Yet worry and a touch of nibbling fear coiled in his solar plexus, because later today that son of a bitch Lester Coyle would be here again, with his hand out for blood money. Blackmail. And the way it looked, Booth would never be rid of the slimy bastard. Practically every cent he earned as a freelance artist from his growing influx of magazine commissions, went to pay for silence over a college graduation indiscretion that had occurred two years ago. Rape, in a dark woods, himself one among a group of drunken students bent on revel. And the girl victim had named him alone, named him to her doctor. Lester Coyle. Coyle, a vicious snake, was bleeding Booth every month, and sometimes even more often.
     ---- more to follow as I locate them. Darren

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