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Date: 29 May 2010

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    Brewer's Tongue Tricks - first page.  ****Adult content - beware!
      TONGUE TRICKS: Gregg Hansom was Tish's cousin, and he stood before her now with his stiff c*ck throbbing in her hand. Tish knew that if she could once and for all break through the barriers of Gregg's gentlemanliness, she would be happy for life. But it was a difficult propisition.
    "You want to f*ck me?" she asked softly, making her dark blue eyesglint with passion, pursing her red plush lips, as she slowly, gently moved her soft hand back and forth on Gregg's blood-engorged pecker. "I know you want to put your prick in my c*nt, Gregg. I can tell {...}
      MOUTH MAGIC (which I have reprinted as STRANGE ECSTASY, 1979 as by "Billy Marks" begins: "I want to come," Lenore said. "Please, hurry - let's f*ck."
      I looked at her. It was a difficult situation. I couldn't recall having heard of anyone else in such straits. The thing was, what could I do?
      There she was, my wife Lenore, stretched out on the bed, with her dress pulled up, fingering her lush c*nt,; the most exotic-looking piece of ass this side of paradise.  We'd just returned from a brief visit to my brother's cabana out on Indian Beach. I'd been worried about him. But he had a sexy, black-haired girl with him, and it was obviously running down her leg, so we left {...}
      Yep - good stuff, Darren

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