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Date: 18 May 2010

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    > Has anyone mentioned Westlake? Can't go wrong with the first Richard Stark/Parker book, The Hunter (AKA Point Blank). And The Ax is highly recommended.
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    > I think the last 3: NOBODY RUNS FOREVER, ASK THE PARROT, & DIRTY MONEY are the best in the series. They're where I started and I couldn't stop. Certainly the early books are entertaining. But the last three are masterful pieces of work. I could no more stop reading after the end of NOBODY RUNS FOREVER than I could leave a half eaten lobster. I think those last 3 books may be the greatest caper story ever written.

    I've been rereading Westlake for the past several months. I agree that that final trilogy is sensationally good. And the last Dortmunders are also fantastic. In Watch Your Back! Westlake even pays homage to Elmore Leonard with a partial Florida setting and several classic Leonardian characters. He does them perfectly. Westlake was a genius, in my opinion.



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