RARA-AVIS: Re: Used Books and ethics

From: davezeltserman (Dave.Zeltserman@gmail.com)
Date: 05 May 2010

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    some reviewers are becoming more brazen about selling ARCs (wouldn't so much mind if they reviewed the damn book first!), and with all the giveaways publishers do, I'm standing by that 5% number, at least for the lowly noir writers like myself. Not that it much matters. Anything that gets readers reading us is good. Besides, if you write noir (real noir, not the noir-lite stuff), the reality is you're not going to make much money on US royalties--if you're going to make money it's going to be with film deals and/or foreign rights deals with countries where readers actually read and respect this genre.


    --- In rara-avis-l@yahoogroups.com, Joy Matkowski <jmatkowski1@...> wrote:
    > ARCs and the like are probably less than 1% of online used book sales
    > because leading venues, including Amazon and eBay, don't allow them to
    > be sold (until the book is OOP and thus "antiquarian" in the case of
    > Amazon). Should you see an ARC for a current book, please report it.
    > Joy
    > On 5/5/2010 1:34 PM, davezeltserman wrote:
    > > Even though I stated my earlier preferences now for new books, I agree with Jim + Bob + others on this subject. Generally, used + library books are good for authors--anything that helps to get the author read is good. One small nitpicking point, though (since I'm in a nitpicking mood)--not all books in used bookstores were first bought--more and more ARCs and free books from the publisher are ending up in used bookstores and online--but this would be a small percentage of overall sales (probably less than 5%), and anything that gets the author read is good and can lead to sales down the road.
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