RARA-AVIS: Used Books and ethics

From: Michael Jeter (michael.damian.jeter@gmail.com)
Date: 03 May 2010

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    I am writing a paper that discusses alternatives to textbooks. As part of the work, I have been reading of e - books, e - publishers, and thinking a bit about writers having a right to fair compensation.

    Most of the books I own, I buy used. I have looked for the lowest prices I can. I am wondering, though, in buying cheap used books, am I engaging in anything akin to bootlegging in music, ie, cheating authors out of their fair earnings?

    This information will not appear in my paper, as it has only a tangential relation to my topic, but I would welcome your views.


    Michael Damian Jeter
    New Orleans, LA
    Literacy, Music, and Democracy

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