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Date: 19 Apr 2010

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    I know of two Westlake novels that have not seen the light of day. One an expanded version of his Redbook novella CALL ME A CAB and another entitled ICE about two brothers who inherit an ice factory from their dead father.

    I've contacted Don's agent about both of these.

    And the last Dortmunder novel he was working on may be published in Playboy, as in the opening chapters Don always gave us a mini-caper to get the ball rolling.

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    > Did he leave behind an outline as well?

    I don't know this for sure, but it would amaze me if he did. He was not one to outline, and it's not like he knew he was about to die.

    That doesn't mean another author couldn't be brought in to finish the book, and any of the ones people have named would have no problem working without an outline. But so little of the book exists that it would really be like writing a book from scratch (not unlike Parker's POODLE SPRINGS, which had only a chapter or two as a starting point).


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