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Date: 16 Apr 2010

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    > As for the unpublished Black Lizard,
    > the following books were announced but never published: Black Wings
    > Has My
    > Angel by Elliott Chaze; The Burglar & Night Squad by David Goodis; The
    > Double Take by Roy Huggins; Doctor Syntax by Michael Petracca; The
    > Box, It's
    > My Funeral, & Agreement to Kill by Peter Rabe; Death Takes the Bus
    > by Lionel
    > White; Man on the Run & Nothing in Her Way by Charles Williams, and
    > two
    > unspecified novels by A. I. Bezzerides.

    This jives with my research with one exception. I can't find any reference in the on-line description of the Black Lizard files to the Roy Huggins. Although there is one file entitled, "Titles Under Consideration: Unpublished by Black Lizard", which may contain information. Also there are two ISBN numbers unaccounted for. Maybe they were meant to be for The Double Take and Reasoner's Texas Wind.

    The Burgler and Night Squad were eventually published by Random House under the ISBNs applied for by Creative Arts.

    The two novels by Bezzerides were Thieves Market and They Drive by Night (The Long Haul).

    There two additional titles for which CA applied for ISBNs but didn't publish as far as I can tell--Kiss Off the Dead by David Gerrity and Death on the White Time by Jim Dawson. Other than filing the ISBN, it's interesting to note, there are no files on those two titles either.

    Anyone near Stanford want to look at some of those files?


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