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From: Peter Enfantino (penfantino@gmail.com)
Date: 16 Apr 2010

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    >>I'm putting together a list of all books published and unpublished by
    Black Lizard and was wondering if there ever was a Black Lizard imprint version of Kent Harrington's The Straignt Man and whether Gertrude Stein's Blood on the Dining Room Floor appeared with the BL imprint as well?

    The Gertrude Stein was a hardcover (strange sized at that) and there were 4 other hardcovers as well: Lethal Injection & Death Puppet, both by Jim Nisbet, Low Bite by Sin Soracco and Murray Sinclair's Goodbye L.A. There were also three trade paperbacks: Ed Gorman's two volume Black Lizard Anthology of Crime Fiction & Silk Stalkings: When Women Write of Murder by Victoria Nichols and Susan Thompson. As for the unpublished Black Lizard, the following books were announced but never published: Black Wings Has My Angel by Elliott Chaze; The Burglar & Night Squad by David Goodis; The Double Take by Roy Huggins; Doctor Syntax by Michael Petracca; The Box, It's My Funeral, & Agreement to Kill by Peter Rabe; Death Takes the Bus by Lionel White; Man on the Run & Nothing in Her Way by Charles Williams, and two unspecified novels by A. I. Bezzerides. Black Lizard was also about to launch a seperate line of crime novels, "The Saturday Night Specials," four books were announced but not published: No Good From a Corpse by Leigh Brackett, The Baby Doll Murders & Frenzy by James O. Causey; and Charles Willeford's The Black Mass of Brother Springer." The Willeford actually got released as the last book in the Black Lizard line. All this information came right from Barry Gifford and can be found in The Scream Factory Issue #11: The Dark Suspense Issue (Spring 1993). We ran a complete list of the BL titles (in chronological order) along with several articles (by Ed Gorman, Max Allan Collins, Dale Walker and several others) on crime fiction. End of plug. Hope this info helps! Peter Enfantino

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